Save Up To 30%OFF with these Monthly Packages!:


The Ultimate Self Love Investment Packages 

•4 x 2.5hour Sessions a month =$840 (-$360 SAVINGS). Clearly the epitome of Self care, this investment into your Earth Suit will benefit you- mind, body, and soul. Expect your Life to be changed forever- physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually. Removes parasitic energies and energy vampires out of your Life. Facilitats the release of latent trauma and reprograms it into triumph.  Balances the divine masculine and divine feminine Energies within the Body-Temple back to Maat or Ankh principles. Fully activate/stimulate each individual Chakra. Partial Soul-Recall (if necessary), and offers the recommended level of Healing for one's entire Ancestral lineage. *Includes a free 150 minute session and a discounted 150 minute session.

•3 x 2.5hour Sessions a month =$720 (-$180 SAVINGS)

•2 x 2.5hour Sessions a month =$500 (-$100 SAVINGS)

The Customized Therapeutic Packages

Most Recommended

8 x 90min Sessions in two months =$996 (-$444 SAVINGS). Because it's designed to reverse any unwanted condition with measurable results, this complete body alignment has proven to be most victorious in achieving the overall wellness one desires. This intense persistent therapy will manifest the true rewards of discipline and will power. Such a healing weekly sacred service comes most recommended. *Includes TWO free 90 minutes sessions and TWO discounted 90 minutes sessions!


4 x 90min Sessions a month =$500 (-$220 SAVINGS). Consistency is the key to Healing. This amount of dedication affords me just enough time needed to assist you in truly accomplishing the wellness goals you have in mind for the next 30 days. *Includes a free 90 minutes session and a discounted 90 minutes session.


•3 x 90min Sessions a month =$360 (-$180 SAVINGS). After your first session, choosing this Package is how you finish out the next three weeks to fulfill what you've now started. *Includes one free 90 minute session!!! Don't forget to tip ;)


2 x 90min Sessions a month =$306 (-15% SAVINGS). Considered "regular maintenance", for your Body-temple to maintain a level an optimum integrity. Enjoy a hard reset with this bi-weekly service; undoing a month's worth of trials.

The Body-Temple Tune-Up Packages

•8 x 45min Sessions in two month =$498 (-$222 SAVINGS). Created to offer your Body-temple specific focused attention to the areas where it's needed most, achieving measurable results and a higher quality of muscle integrity and relief. *Includes TWO free 45 minutes session and TWO discounted 45 minutes session.

•4 x 45min Sessions a month =$250 (-$110 SAVINGS) *Includes a free 45 minutes session and a discounted 45 minutes session.


The Priority Power Hour Packages

•8 x 60min Sessions in two month =$678 (-$282 SAVINGS) This is called "prioritizing your personal Healing". Call back your power with this Package as you command your Life to revolve around your Healing, not the other way around. *Includes TWO free 60 minute session and TWO discounted 60 minute session.


•4 x 60min Sessions a month =$360 (-$120 SAVINGS) *Includes a free 60 minute session.