After an 11 year relationship with the public, I keep pricing simple at

$2.00 per minute

Full Body Journey


Full Body Journey: Safe and tranquil ''re-membering ceremony". Includes full-body sacred touch healing treatment- intuitive subtle energy work for reactivating and rejuvenating your personal energy centers, and highly skilled hands-on pressure for  muscle manipulation and tension release. Individually customized care using a blend of earthly aromatic whipped shea butter and rare oils, intentional passive-assisted stretching, foot reflexology, molecular and cellular stimulating megahertz frequency tone bath (10,000hz,528hz,432hz), alternating colorful chakra light auric field wash with reiki energy balancing practice, pure white sage cleansing with ancestral prayer, carefully chosen influential crystal placement, soulful transcendental temple music, all in an environment densely infused with home-grown, tropical plant oxygen.

•$300 Self Investment

Customized Therapeutic Session


Customized Therapeutic Session: Addresses you as a whole; body-mind-soul. Unlike traditional western medicine that isolates a medical issue in the body as a single focus, this 'customized' healing approach promotes relaxation, eases muscle stiffness, and increases circulation by applying relevant care to your specific concerns without neglecting the root of all dis-ease (lack of homeostasis). This leads to overall rejuvenation, subtle Energy clearing and, with your consistency, it will lead to true measurable relief.

$180 Self Investment

Body-temple Tune-up

30-60 min

Body-temple Tune-up is for those who are on-the-go. Designed for those with little time appointed to invest back into themselves, and/or those on a temporary limited budget who just need maintenance on their Earth Suit to fine tune specific trouble areas back into homeostasis. Great for newly discovered acute discomfort, good for being released from uninvited Energies, and essential for relief from unexpected kinks.

•$60-$120 Self Investment

Gentle Giant Grace

60-90 min

This "easy like Sunday morning" relaxer is the perfect, safest way to relieve a weeks worth of stress, and simultaneously soothe and pamper your Body-temple. Remove the weight of the world and allow your Energy to flow without tension after receiving this light, gentle, subtle Energy rejuvenator. Offered for those who sometimes need an innocent, loving, selfless, healing touch of Royal Grace.

"Ready, set, let go."

•$120-$180 Self Investment

Passive-Assisted Strectching Class


$1.00 per minute*

Experience an intentional style of stretching that meets you where you are. It is generally safe for beginners or experts, and beneficial for the stiff or the limber. Passive-Assisted Stretching Class allows you to be safely guided into positions that target the key muscle groups that cause inflexibility, and slowly challenges the joints to push pass their imaginary limitations in a safe intergrating pace. As the tension melts, stress then evaporates as the Healer holds you in these skillful positions for several minutes. Range of motion shall increases, the Breath of Life shall regulate, blood and lymphatic fluid circulation shall improve, and nerve pain should ease.

•$30-$60 Self Investment

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